Awards and Grants

Through the Call for Abstracts portal you can nominate your abstract for one of the following Awards. For full details and Award submission deadlines - that may differ from the Congress Call for Abstracts deadlines – please follow the links provide below or visit the ISB website.

  • The Muybridge Award

    The Muybridge award is the most prestigious award of the Society. It is awarded for career achievements in biomechanics. The award is named after Eadward Muybridge (1830-1904), who was the first to use cinematography for the study of human and animal movement. The Muybridge award is a single sponsored award to the amount of USD$3000 - Muybridge candidates are selected by a panel of the Presidents of the ISB Society.

  • The Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture

    The Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture is given to honor Prof. Jürg Wartenweiler (1915-1976), first President of the ISB, who organized the First International Seminar on Biomechanics in Zürich, Switzerland (1967). The 2017 Wartneweiler recipient will be chosen by the ISB Conference organisers.

  • David Winter Young Investigator Award

    As of 2012, these awards are presented in honour of Professor David Winter and his pioneering contribution to the science and application of biomechanics. There are two YI awards, one for the best oral presentation (sponsored by the Journal of Biomechanics, Elsevier Science Ltd) and one for the best poster presentation (Sponsored by the organizers of the previous ISB Congress). The award recipients are offered a certificate, a monetary award of US$750. A short biography with an outline of the recipients' professional background is published in the ISB Newsletter and ISB website. Requirements.

  • Promising Scientist Award

    The Promising Scientist award is designed to acknowledge people who have performed superior biomechanics research early in their career. It entails a certificate and a monetary award of US$5000 for scientific purposes, such as visiting another research group to collaborate on a project. The competition is held each year in which there is an ISB-conference. The winner of the award is expected to give a 30 minute plenary presentation over the recent studies that have contributed to the award at the ISB-Congress of the same year. Requirements.

  • Clinical Biomechanics Award

    Any scientist may submit an abstract for the award, except members of the ISB Executive Council. The abstract must describe a study related to a clinical problem and contain some form of biomechanical analysis pertaining to the clinical problem. From the abstracts submitted, 5 are selected and nominated for the award. Requirements.

  • Carlo de Luca Emerging Scientist Award

    The ISB has had great pleasure to announce and award the Carlo de Luca Emerging Scientist Award in honour of Professor Carlo de Luca and his pioneering contribution to the science and application of biomechanics, in particular in the area of electromyography. The award honors excellence in graduate research in the area of motor control and electromyography and is associated with a monetary award of $US 2,500. The winners are selected prior to the next ISB Congress and will present in the award’s session at that ISB Congress. Requirements.

  • The Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics (APAB) Yamaguchi Medal

    The Call for Yamaguchi Medal at APAB is now open.

    Call for Yamaguchi Medal 2017

    It can be downloaded by clicking "Call for Yamaguchi Medal 2017" button.

    Five Yamaguchi Medals will be awarded during the biennial Asian-Pacific Conference of Biomechanics. We look forward to receiving your application.

    The purpose of the Yamaguchi Medal is to encourage promising young researchers at the early stage of their career in the field of biomechanics. It is named in honour of the founding president, Professor Takami Yamaguchi, and was established in 2015 based on his kind donation. And from the Charter.

    1. Title of the Medal

    The Medal is named after Professor Takami Yamaguchi who was the Founding Chair of the Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics. Prof Yamaguchi is Emeritus Professor at the School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan. Prof Yamaguchi’s passion is to nurture young researchers in the field of Biomechanics. He started the highly successful East Asian Pacific Student Workshop on Biomedical Engineering series to encourage graduate students to rise up in leadership. Prof Yamaguchi has kindly donated these Medals to continue his effort to support and encourage promising young researchers.

    2. Aim

    The purpose of the Yamaguchi Medal is to support and encourage promising young researchers at the early stage of their career in the field of Biomechanics in the Asian-Pacific region. The Yamaguchi Medals will be awarded to individuals who excel in their research.

    Five Yamaguchi Medals will be awarded during the biennial Asian-Pacific Conference of Biomechanics, one for each of the following categories:

    1. Cardiovascular BioFluid Mechanics
    2. Bone and Joint Biomechanics
    3. Soft Tissue Mechanics
    4. Gait and Kinesiology
    5. Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics

    Categories will be reviewed as need arises.

    3. Eligibility and Submission

    Applicants should have a PhD awarded not more than 6 years prior to the submission deadline for the application. Applicants should currently be affiliated to an academic or research institution in the Asian-Pacific region for the last 3 years. Applications should be submitted not less than 3 months prior to each biennial Asian-Pacific Conference of Biomechanics. (Periods of parental leave during the years following the award of the PhD will be taken into account and may extend the criterion to a maximum of 8 years.)

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