Koala Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the ISB2017 Koala Challenge

Winning Entry
Kevin Valenzuela

Kevin’s winning entry (below) is titled ‘Skydiving Koala’ and captures the Koala attached to his helmet while hanging upside down from a Bell 206 helicopter over the Cherokee National Forest outside of Ocoee, Tennessee, USA.

Skydiving Koala

A large number of fantastic entries were received for the ISB2017 Koala Challenge; therefore the Committee have decided to award a second runner up and third runner up prize!

  • Second runner up Entry; Eva Orantes Gonzalez

    Eva’s entry (below) was captured at The Mirador de San Nicolas in Granada, Spain. Eva provided the following caption; In the Mirador de San Nicolas, in the Albayzin of Granada, there is an Australian koala reveling in the views. It is watching the Alhambra, a palace and fortress. What will be thinking the koala? Will be imagining how was the live in this extraordinary muslin views? The Australian koala with his flamenco dress was dancing all night under the Granada moonlight.

    In the Mirador de San Nicolas
  • Third runner up Entry; Travis Peterson

    Travis’ entry (below) captures a group ice-skating at LA Live in downtown LA, when it was 65 degrees F, while collecting data from an IMU attached to the Skates.

    LA Live in downtown LA
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